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Toronto-based yarn and gift store focusing on Alpacas and sourcing natural fibres spun in North America. Alpacas have a luxurious, naturally hypoallergenic fibre, which occurs in twenty-two natural colours. Additional collaborations with Indie Dyers, create an endless colour palette to choose from.



Summer happenings!

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Spring finally came and Summer officially starts on June 21. it looks like we will have a mix of weather conditions and I hope that you have a wonderful Summer whatever the weather:) I thought I would try to send an email to all of you who have signed up on the website but I found it a bit too challenging and will stick to this blog and to Instagram and Facebook!  I wanted to let you know that I am at the shop on Martin Grove on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday during the Summer from 11-5 and welcome your visits there. I also have listed quite a lot of items on Etsy. I am very excited to be travelling to England soon for a long over-due sibling reunion! As a result the shop will be closed from June 15 to July 9th. 

 PICHINKU YARNS (Photo credit: )

PICHINKU YARNS (Photo credit: )

I recently received an order of very special hand dyed yarn from Cusco, Peru. These yarns are incredibly soft and would make a beautiful gift! It is available in 4 colours in dk and worsted weight in my shop. Take a look at The Blair Shawl by Vanessa Coscarelli Black on Ravelry and Carmen Fingerless Mitts by Tessa Ranish O'Donnell. Both patterns have been designed specifically for this yarn. 

 Naturally dyed wool from St Joseph Island

Naturally dyed wool from St Joseph Island

What are you hoping to work on this Summer? Are you interested in learning something new or you looking forward to having more time to do what you already love to do? I love to knit but I also enjoy a bit of spinning and dyeing:) The wool from St Joseph Island is a blend of Arcott, Suffolk and one other breed. It was spun at Master's Mill and I have had a lot of fun dyeing some of this and some alpaca/merino blended yarn from Legacy Lane with avocado pits, onion skins and dandelions! Maybe this is something you would enjoy?

 Botanical dyes and gorgeous yarn from

Botanical dyes and gorgeous yarn from

If you are interested in learning how to dye naturally, check out Westlake Knits for some ideas and support this local maker if you can.

 Hand made toy from My Knitted Horse on Etsy

Hand made toy from My Knitted Horse on Etsy

I get to meet some wonderful makers and I would love to introduce you to Carmen of My Knitted Horse and Friends. I bought this little camel from her:) The workmanship is impeccable.It is very sturdy and made to be enjoyed by kids of all ages! Do take the time to look at her Etsy shop for dinosaurs, elephants, horses and more!!

 Summer memories

Summer memories

Well there you have it.... make the most of every day! Make something:) Spend time with people and make memories! Come alongside someone who needs a friend and maybe even have some Candy Floss!! Have a wonder-full Summer!

Alpaca Avenue Happenings

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Welcome!  As we are about half way through Winter and busy planning for the Toronto Knitters Frolic which is on April 28 I thought I might do a bit of a shop review of what I sell and update you with what is happening here. My focus from the beginning was alpaca and will continue to be my primary focus but I have also been adding some local wool which I think you will love. I enjoy supporting other makers in this community and have pottery yarn bowls, hand made soap, candles and as well as other alpaca products for gift giving.

What yarns will you find at Alpaca Avenue? 

1. Locally farmed and milled yarns from Silver Cloud Alpacas, Highgate Alpacas and others. Mostly natural and occasionally dyed yarn and the interesting creative or rug yarn.

 Legacy Lanes 80/20 alpaca/untreated merino....will be available in White, Fawn, Rose Grey, Dark grey and Charcoal very soon:)

Legacy Lanes 80/20 alpaca/untreated merino....will be available in White, Fawn, Rose Grey, Dark grey and Charcoal very soon:)

2. O-Wool Local 50/50 alpaca/organic wool blend in all the available colours. This is a wonderful slightly rustic, light worsted weight yarn that is lovely to work with and even better to wear as it has a comforting warmth.

 O Wool Local makes wonderfully cozy  shawls.

O Wool Local makes wonderfully cozy  shawls.

3. Green Mountain Spinnery Alpaca Elegance is also 50/50 blend of alpaca/wool but in a dk weight. Available in 16 colours (natural and dyed) Suitable for colour work.

 New colours in Alpaca Elegance.

New colours in Alpaca Elegance.

4. Salt River Mills Yarns featuring Suri Alpaca fibre which is much more rare than Huacaya. Most recent addition to this line is Simply Suri, a bulky yarn that is 60/40 Suri/fine wool blend and is silky soft. Pattern support  is available and if you buy 3 skeins of this yarn you receive a free pattern for a limited time. (Hat and Cowl pattern)

 Wild Rose and Plum

Wild Rose and Plum

5. Sock Yarn hand dyed by Paula of Li'l Red KettleHead in Stout Sock BFL and Fine Foot BFL  great not just for socks but for light shawls too.


The book "Knitting Comfortably The Ergonomics of Handknitting" by Carson Demers is available on line and in the store. I only have a few in stock but more have been ordered.

6. Sweet Paprika Yarns in limited selection. Elora Mini Skein sets and Norwood DK from locallly grown and milled wool which is hand dyed in Sweet Paprika's Studio in Montreal.


I encourage you to visit the websites of the companies that I buy from to learn more about their passion and find pattern support and more of their products.

Lastly! For about a year I have been  aware of a special project that I have decided to support and I hope to soon have a few samples of botanically dyed Peruvian alpaca yarn in 2 weights to introduce you to Pichinku Yarn. My first order will not be in time for the Frolic but soon after and updates will be provided. Instagram is where I am most active and you can follow me there for the most up to date information. Visit to learn more!

Well, there's more but I will leave you to come in and explore...You will be surprised at what can fit in a tiny space:) Happy knitting spinning or whatever you enjoy making.... make time for life reflecting and spending time with people!

Mark your calendar for April 28 and see you at The Frolic!!!


December at Alpaca Avenue

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All of a sudden it's December and we look forward to Christmas and New Year but we look back at what has happened over the last year. It has been a wonderful year with joys and challenges as life is wont to have! I hope you have had a good year and that your heart is content. I will continue to be open at my shoppe on Martin Grove Rd during December until the last week when I will be closed for family time. I am very grateful for the support and encouragement that I have received from so many of you! Thank you for taking the time to visit at the shop, to come to fiber events like The Knitters Frolic and Etobicoke School of the Arts Winter Craft Sale,or buying from my Etsy shop. I am grateful! It gives me a lot of joy to see your enjoyment of the yarns and products that I carry. I am most active on Instagram as far as social media goes and it has been wonderful to make new friends and contacts there. 


The temperature varies a lot in my shop depending on the sun but I love the sun patches and how lovely the yarn looks in the light. These yarns are from Salt River Mills and are Suri alpaca. There are new Suri singles coming very soon and pattern ideas to try out.




Christmas is a time of reflection, remembering what is meaningful in our lives. It can get busy and it is not always a happy time for everyone. I have been participating in a advent draw, taking time each day to slow down, and draw or paint using set prompts. I am no artist but I have enjoyed this activity and it has brought focus for me on what brings me real joy. I hope that whatever your circumstances are that you will experience wonder, joy and peace. The Christmas Story is a story of joy for all people! 

Late Autumn New

kerstin kerr


Autumn is here on the calendar but it still feels like Summer!  I hope you have all had a lovely Summer and are ready for some creative making as the season slowly changes. We have already seen several wonderful fiber festivals come and go, the most recent that I was able to attend was The Woodstock Fleece Festival. It is so interesting and exciting to see the growing awareness and interest in supporting a local fiber industry. So much work and passion goes into this but the resulting community and products are so worthwhile. Check out for more information!


Magnificent llamas at The Woodstock Fleece Festival


One of my personal favorites:)


Alpaca Avenue is open on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 11 am to 5 pm and some Saturdays 10 am to 2 pm. (or by arrangement) The store is in an unusual location being in an industrial area and is very small but you will find an interesting collection of yarns and gifts! My focus is primarily on alpaca but I also have some local wool and hand dyed sock yarns.


A sample of the beautifully hand dyed sock yarn from Li'l Red KettleHead.


Time to knit a garment for the cooler weather? There are so many beautiful patterns to choose from! The yarn at the top of this photo is 80/20 alpaca/merino Canadian yarn and the yarn on the right of the photo is 100% wool from St Josephs Island. It knits up beautifully!!


New yarn bowls by Tony Eyamie of Patina Studios available in the shop and on my Etsy shop.


Yarn bowls and mugs by Anne Pryde.  Spinning supplies alpaca slippers and ties, hand crafted soaps, candle holders, Soap nuts (natural laundry detergent) and so much more....

Coming soon!! I am very happy to announce that I will be selling some of organic merino hand dyed wool in Bulky and Worsted weight and possibly a few other treasures....


Fingerless mitts in Largo Organic Merino by Sweet Paprika Yarns and pattern Ferox by Talitha Kuomi, available on Ravelry.

More from Salt River Mills Yarns coming soon....The newest addition to their gorgeous Suri yarns is single plyed chunky yarn. It is 60/40 suri/ultrafine USA grown wool.


An exclusive offer....3 skeins of Suri Singles and pattern by Deborah Newton. I will have 2 colors available to start with and samples of the remaining color choices for future orders.


Only 3 left as of October 19 but more on the way....

A final note to mark your calendar for a couple of upcoming events!! I will be at Etobicoke School of the Arts annual craft show on November 18th. It is a wonderful event that supports a local school and has many interesting vendors of hand made items. November 25th is Handmade (Art and Fine Craft Sale) at Neilson Park Creative Centre. (free admission)


Wherever you find yourself today, I hope that you will turn your face to the sun, spend time with someone, find joy in making and sharing...have a wonder-filled day:)