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Toronto-based yarn and gift store focusing on Alpacas and sourcing natural fibres spun in North America. Alpacas have a luxurious, naturally hypoallergenic fibre, which occurs in twenty-two natural colours. Additional collaborations with Indie Dyers, create an endless colour palette to choose from.



kerstin kerr



What is inspiration?

 It can be defined as " the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative." 

Inspiration is all around us. I just have to look out from my apartment and see clouds, sunrises, rainbows and a myriad of shapes and colours.


Where do you find inspiration?? I often find it in books and it makes me very happy to see my youngest granddaughters interest in books. Who knows what she will discover and  be inspired to do in the future!

Images can be inspiring and I was recently introduced to Pinterest which has an overwhelming amount of visual inspiration!! 

As a knitter, I look for inspiration on Ravelry from other knitters and designers, in books and magazines and listen to interesting podcasts. I will never remember it all but the process of discovering and applying some small thing that has been learned is worth it. My favourite podcast is  You might enjoy it too:)

Music is another  wonderful source of inspiration or taking the time to be quiet and reflect on life can be both therapeutic and inspiring.

Today, we remember the great sacrifice that so many made that we can live in freedom and they inspire us to persevere and to give of ourselves to those around us. 

Share your inspiration!