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Toronto-based yarn and gift store focusing on Alpacas and sourcing natural fibres spun in North America. Alpacas have a luxurious, naturally hypoallergenic fibre, which occurs in twenty-two natural colours. Additional collaborations with Indie Dyers, create an endless colour palette to choose from.


Road Trips

kerstin kerr

Road trips can be a lot of fun and many of you will be travelling to visit family and friends for Christmas! Some will be loaded down with stuff and some will travel light:)

One of Natalie's beautiful hand built bowls.

One of Natalie's beautiful hand built bowls.

I took a short road trip on Monday to pick up some more yarn bowls for the shop. I have yarn bowls from 2 potters who have very different styles. Natalie Sheldon of AtTheCrossroads on Etsy is in Sarnia and makes wheel thrown as well as hand built bowls that are so beautiful and one of a kind. Tony Eyamie of Patina Studios in Bayfield makes larger bowls with his unique style of decoration. This weeks trip was to Bayfield.....I almost went to Baysville which is North of Toronto!! Bayfield is 2 hours west of Toronto:) Anyone who knows me well, knows that I have no sense of direction and have to make sure of where I am going before I set out. I used the GPS on my phone this time and it worked beautifully. I am not a fan of the 401 but driving through Perth county was such a treat.

One of Tony's knitting bowls

One of Tony's knitting bowls

I have a nice selection in the shop but be sure to visit these two artists websites or stores to see what else they have to offer.  

One of my favourite pattern books is Road Trip by Tin Can Knits....inspired by travel across Canada! 

Wishing you safe and happy road sure and take some knitting along!