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The Frog Pond

kerstin kerr


Sometimes you have to go the knitting world frogs say "rip it, rip it" and a visit to the frog pond means that you have to undo some work in order to move forward again! It has never bothered me too much as I was taught by my mother at a young age that it was just part of the process of making something! I was very happy to learn about life lines in lace knitting as that can save a lot of work:) 

"Tinking" is the process of undoing your knitting stitch by stitch and is useful when you don't have far to go.  is the link to a helpful article called Frog Pond Edition.


This was cardigan that I made recently that needed some frogging...fortunately just the band and not the whole front....

I was definitely nervous at this stage!

Here it is put back together again:)

After a visit to the Frog Pond you will have some rather curly yarn but a few simple steps will make it new again. Another helpful article on this process is on and is called "After The Frog Pond. Bringing your yarn back from the dead." 

Well I hope that you are not spending too much at the Frog pond (unless you are looking for a prince in disguise) or listening to tree frogs at night in St Lucia maybe! 

Happy knitting!