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1128 Martin Grove Rd
Toronto, ON, M9W 4W1

Toronto-based yarn and gift store focusing on Alpacas and sourcing natural fibres spun in North America. Alpacas have a luxurious, naturally hypoallergenic fibre, which occurs in twenty-two natural colours. Additional collaborations with Indie Dyers, create an endless colour palette to choose from.



kerstin kerr

I started knitting again in 2008 and it was not long before I was invited to join a group of women who meet together once a week to knit! It took me a while to accept and I did not anticipate how rewarding this would become! What is so special about this community of knitters and fiber lovers in general? Is it just  that we have a shared interest?? We do have a shared interest but we are all different and we are all at different stages in our life journeys. We mostly laugh together and share what we are making or learning or what we would love to do if only we had more time! We never seem to have enough yarn or patterns:) There is of course a much larger community of fiber lovers that we discover on Ravelry and many other designer websites and more. The first time I went to a "knitting event" was in Kitchener Waterloo and I went as a vendor. I paired up with another alpaca gal so that I would have enough for a nice display. I was in awe of how many people liked the same thing I did! This is the weekend for the K-W Knitters fair and I won't be there as I am spending a few days with my sister who lives in the Upper Ottawa Valley. We will very likely find our way to the nearest yarn store, to find some new treasure and support a LYS. For more information on this fun event go to  

I have finished listing the new yarns, so take a look and watch for more accessories to be added soon.

Happy knitting wherever you are this weekend!