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kerstin kerr

Today may be one of those days when you just want to go home and knit! It is wet and cold outside and you might be in need of some comfort. The word "comfort" has been on my mind for a few days....

I started a new project with the beautiful new yarn, Salt River Mills Suri Decadence  in a soothing copper colour.This luxury yarn contains 90% Suri and 10% Silk. Working with this yarn is definitely comforting! I chose: by Janina Kallio, a Finnish designer whose patterns are not complicated but give stunning results.

I finished a wrap that I have been working on for a couple of weeks. The satisfaction of a completed project brings comfort. One of my customers decided to knit this in four bold colours of O Wool Local and when I saw it in progress I decided to make it also but chose more muted colours. Friendship and common interests bring me a lot of joy and comfort. Alpaca yarns are comfortingly warm...I enjoyed the softness and warmth of the wrap  on my lap as I worked on it. 

The written word holds so much comfort and encouragement. I have been reading a book called "The Mystery of Children" by Mike Mason which has inspired, challenged and comforted in so many ways. He says "Each of us has an artist inside. And what is an artist but a child who has never lost the gift of looking at life with curiosity and wonder?"  

My grandchildren have comforted me. They sometimes use the illustration of a bucket being emptied or filled....they have filled my bucket to the brim:)

Three of my four precious girls:)

Have a wonderful day!

Colour Choices

kerstin kerr

Autumn is such a wonderful colourful season and inspires or breathes life into our daily lives.

Colours are wonderful but when it comes to knitting, brown is my favourite colour!! My granddaughter Megan will often say, " too much brown Grandma" :) The psychology of colour says that brown is a colour that evokes strength and reliability. I find it soothing and relaxing! The other day I had a delivery from UPS and the driver asked me if I could knit a hat for him that would go with his brown uniform and I had quite a few lovely yarns to choose from.

 I enjoy colour too  but am more content when I am working with natural colours. I find it fascinating that alpacas come in so many different natural colours and that it takes dye well adds so many more possibilities.

I am really enjoying this pullover that I completed recently. The pattern is "Blank Canvas" by Ysolda Teague and the yarn is Green Mountain Spinnery Alpaca Elegance in the colour Cappuccino! Did I mention that I love coffee? :) And I can add a splash of colour with this cowl knit in Legacy Lane Fibre Mills The Kitchen Sink Lopi which is so much fun to knit with.

Gail Callahan has a helpful tool for the colour timid. I have used it to help with my colour choices.

The latest addition of yarn to the shop is vividly coloured Suri alpaca yarn! My first choice to knit with was the Suri Textures Cabled (Dk weight) that has a content of 75% Suri and 25% wool. The pattern is called Annabella and is a free pattern by designer Wei S. Leong. The colour is Majestic Meadow and has the fawn base which I love!

What is your favourite colour? Whatever it is, I hope that you have a wonderful day!



kerstin kerr

I am sitting down to write this right after the Blue Jays won against the Texas Rangers:) What a game!! It was very exciting and there will be lots of celebrations I'm sure! 

I was excited this morning to receive my first order of Suri Alpaca Yarns from and had the pleasure of unpacking them and arranging them in their new home. Let me tell you a bit more....

The North American Suri Company through it's yarn label Salt River Mills, purchases its raw fibre from growers in the U.S. and Canada. They are dedicated to the promotion of Suri alpaca and Suri blends using only the finest blending fibres. Pattern support is also available and I can't wait to cast on my first queue is long:)

Suri fibre is most equivalent to mohair, though it can be softer and does not come with the halo. While warm and soft like huacaya , Suri is best known for it's drape, lustre and vibrancy of colour. Some of the yarn will be suitable for neck wear and special occasions. Others are  more durable and suited to everyday wear.

What a magnificent alpaca!

What a magnificent alpaca!

My friend was very excited today about the perfect result of pattern and yarn choice...{jumping up and down, clapping hands over and over} 
Wait till you see! Wait till you see!  OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG! O.M.G!  LOL...that is pretty excited!! I can't wait to see what she was so excited about!! 

I have lots to learn about alpacas, about yarn, about patterns and new techniques but I have so many resources and the joy of discovery and learning is so rewarding. I am grateful to Liz Vahlkamp of The North American Suri Company for providing me with information and photos. 

Get excited, celebrate and share your joy with somebody!


Simple Pleasures

kerstin kerr

Every day is full of simple treasures to discover! Like waking up to a sunny day after a rainy day:)... that first cup of coffee....that new book that you are savouring....old friends.....and so much more!

This week I have finished a couple of projects and have discovered some beautiful new yarn that I hope to be adding to the shop in the near future.

Getting to know the new yarn:) 

Getting to know the new yarn:) 

This tiny pair of fingerless mittens is called Farro (cuffs) by Carina Spencer. It features a slip stitch pattern and a moveable thumb divider and has sizes to accommodate children to adults....a quick and fun project with an easy skill level rating.

I hope that your day is full of simple pleasures and that you will take delight in each one that comes your way!