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1128 Martin Grove Rd
Toronto, ON, M9W 4W1

Toronto-based yarn and gift store focusing on Alpacas and sourcing natural fibres spun in North America. Alpacas have a luxurious, naturally hypoallergenic fibre, which occurs in twenty-two natural colours. Additional collaborations with Indie Dyers, create an endless colour palette to choose from.



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Alpaca fibre adventures and discoveries!

Laura Mensinga

Welcome to Alpaca Avenue's brand new website! 

My adventure with alpacas started rather impulsively in May 2008 when I bought my first alpaca Viola. Three months before that I did not know what an alpaca was but was searching on line for yarn stores in Toronto and this led me to meet people in the alpaca industry and was smitten from the very first visit! Soon we had Lily, a female alpaca and then a male called Mukwa and we discovered many of the joys and challenges that come with raising these animals. As we live in the city, we agist our animals on a farm and are able to visit and help out at shearing and other events. 

I am so taken with the qualities of the fibre that I knit almost exclusively with alpaca yarn and along the way I bought a spinning wheel and learned how to spin. I love the natural colours of alpacas and there are 22 registered colours but I have also started to do a little bit of dyeing with natural dyes.

I love to support local and comlimentary business as much as possible. I hope to bring you a variety of yarn from lace weight to bulky, alpaca rovings and simple but well made hand knitted items for yourself or for gifting.

Thank you visiting! I hope you will discover the comfort and warmth of alpaca for yourself and try to visit a farm if you have never seen an alpaca....they will make you smile :)