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Toronto-based yarn and gift store focusing on Alpacas and sourcing natural fibres spun in North America. Alpacas have a luxurious, naturally hypoallergenic fibre, which occurs in twenty-two natural colours. Additional collaborations with Indie Dyers, create an endless colour palette to choose from.



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Road Trips

kerstin kerr

Road trips can be a lot of fun and many of you will be travelling to visit family and friends for Christmas! Some will be loaded down with stuff and some will travel light:)

One of Natalie's beautiful hand built bowls.

One of Natalie's beautiful hand built bowls.

I took a short road trip on Monday to pick up some more yarn bowls for the shop. I have yarn bowls from 2 potters who have very different styles. Natalie Sheldon of AtTheCrossroads on Etsy is in Sarnia and makes wheel thrown as well as hand built bowls that are so beautiful and one of a kind. Tony Eyamie of Patina Studios in Bayfield makes larger bowls with his unique style of decoration. This weeks trip was to Bayfield.....I almost went to Baysville which is North of Toronto!! Bayfield is 2 hours west of Toronto:) Anyone who knows me well, knows that I have no sense of direction and have to make sure of where I am going before I set out. I used the GPS on my phone this time and it worked beautifully. I am not a fan of the 401 but driving through Perth county was such a treat.

One of Tony's knitting bowls

One of Tony's knitting bowls

I have a nice selection in the shop but be sure to visit these two artists websites or stores to see what else they have to offer.  

One of my favourite pattern books is Road Trip by Tin Can Knits....inspired by travel across Canada! 

Wishing you safe and happy road sure and take some knitting along!

Gift Giving

kerstin kerr

It's the "season of gift giving" we will hear many times over the next few weeks and it can bring a mixture of reactions! Certainly, a lot of joy and anticipation but also some stress and anxiety as we try to figure it all out!  Each one has to do some reflecting and make decisions as to what to do to experience true joy and peace.

Alpaca Avenue has some ideas for you if you are looking for a special gift for someone important to you. I don't enjoy trying to find ways to entice anyone to buy something. I much prefer that someone discover for them self something that is meaningful to them. It gives me a lot of joy when I see someone enjoying an item that I have made:) So, know that you are welcome to visit me in my store on Martin Grove or browse my Etsy store any time. I have tried to put together a collection of alpaca yarns and other alpaca/knitting related products that I think are worthwhile and help to support other local artisans and alpaca farmers. 

My latest project has taken me back to my spinning wheels! I love alpaca fibre but I really enjoy other fibres too and have collected small amounts of 30 plus samples, mostly wool breeds but some other exotics as well. I was listening to the most recent Woolful podcast and Ashley is planning to spin a different fibre every week of 2016. This seems like a great idea to practise spinning, get to know other fibres and their characteristics. My plan is to ply each one with alpaca and then knit squares that can then be made into a blanket! So far I have spun some Polwarth  which is lovely to spin and very soft...a good match for alpaca, and some Gotland which is an incredible silver grey but more challenging to spin. I am using a Saxony type wheel called a Sleeping Beauty which has lots of character, as well as a much newer Majacraft Little Gem.

Whatever you are working on, I hope that it brings you pleasure and as you reflect on giving you will find Joy!


kerstin kerr


a thing given willingly to someone without payment; 

a natural ability or talent.

My shop is primarily about yarn and the focus is on alpaca fibre which is known for it's softness and warmth and there is so much to discover within the  boundaries of just this one natural fibre. I have slowly been sourcing and adding new yarns from lace weight to bulky, some 100% alpaca and some blended with other fibres. 

You will also find alpaca duvets, socks, insoles and luxury Suri ties that are made in Canada and make wonderful and unusual gifts. A selection of hand knitted items are also for sale. A knitter would appreciate a gift of yarn or knitting accessory.

Pyrography is the art or technique of decorating wood or leather  by burning a design on the surface with a heated metallic point. My friend Carole has this unusual gift and I have some of her work available in the shop for sale. is her website and will give you more information about Carole and her work.

Have a wonderful day!

First anniversary

kerstin kerr

One year has gone by since I opened the door to my little yarn and gift shop on Martin Grove  Rd. It has the feel of  a studio and is nice and bright. I enjoy working here on my own but I love to welcome friends, old and new to drop in for a visit! Although my focus is on alpaca yarns, I also have other alpaca products and knitting accessories for sale. My sources are local as much as possible and I enjoy supporting other artists who make items by hand as well as informing you about alpaca events you might be interested in attending.

What can you find at Alpaca Avenue???

You will find a growing selection of yarn in various weights and blends from Canada and the US. (I am currently researching suppliers of Suri yarn and hope to add that soon.) I have alpaca rovings for spinners and felters. Other alpaca items include alpaca duvets, socks, ties & insoles. I carry a small but unique selection of yarn bowls, hand made project bags, shawl pins and birch knitting needles. Patterns are so easy to purchase on line now but I do keep a selection of patterns printed on nice card stock. I love to knit and offer a selection of hand knitted items for sale. All natural hand made soaps (lavender and 2 new fragrances) with ceramic soap dishes, all natural hand lotions and Soap nuts (a natural laundry detergent) are appropriate for gift giving at many occasions.

If you are a member of Toronto Knitters Guild, you are entitled to a 10% discount on purchases in my store. For the month of October, I am offering everyone the same discount to everyone. This will apply to on line purchases also. 

Looking forward to a new season! Have a wonderful day:)